Welcome to the Career Network Club

My name is Curt Skene, and I am the founder of the Career Network Club (CNC). I take it you are here because you need to get hired quick and easy. Well, the good news is that is our goal for you as well. While you may not know my name you may have heard of some of my successes. While with Microsoft Canada I grew their training business from $750K to over $45 million in just seven years.  However, most notably I was the worldwide founder of Microsoft Skills 2000, a career program that helped tens of thousands launch new careers in information technology. Now, over twenty years later, it is still my passion, and to help others do it with dignity.  While you tour the Career Network Club site I hope you notice all of the tiny details we are building, such as online training, a comprehensive learning library, and the extremely powerful 360 Career Assessment developed exclusively by CNC.  In the end, we offer everyone a job offer guarantee that says you will be working in 16 weeks or we will stop billing you and continue to coach you for free.  I don’t know any other competitor willing to make that kind of commitment to your success.

Curt Skene

Founder, Career Network Club

We put a lot of thought into creating something that works for you, our customer. We truly do want your time with us to be awesome, quick, and easy.

  • You are going to want to pay attention to our amazing fee structure because with us there are no fixed costs just a simple weekly subscription fee. Therefore if you get a job in 3 weeks that is all you will pay for. However, if you need 10 weeks that works too. All you pay is $85 a week and you can cancel at any time.. BUT WAIT … there’s more and it’s pretty cool!
  • We have curated the internet (and continue to!) looking for the best reference material that can help you succeed. We have found hundreds of PDFs on writing resumes, interview skills, networking, and much much more. As a CNC member, you will have free access to read and review all that you please.
  • The Career Network Club is the only training community that offers a 360 Career Assessments as part of their program. Imagine getting real-time feedback from dozens of peers, clients, and partners on why they love you and also their suggestions on what you can do to improve.
  • Have you heard of our JOB OFFER GUARANTEE? We are so comfortable that with our help you will be working within 15 weeks therefore if you are not working we stop billing you and will continue to help you for free. There will be no reduction in service, just a ZERO PAY guarantee!
  • We believe that while you are looking for work you should also be building your professional skills that is why our online learning platform hosts over 100 courses for you to access for free. Take one, two or three. The choice is always yours.
  • Our colour one page resume (or executive summary) as some like to say is the perfect networking tool to introduce the best of you. It’s short, easy to read and incredibly impactful.
  • Finally, the last one, we can’t tell you. We can say this it has won clients more opportunities than anything else. It is the secret sauce that makes CNC the perfect go-to choice for closing your next big deal.