Career Insights With Curt Skene: Is Career Coaching Very Expensive?

Supposing that you are at present on an employment hunt, you likely do not possess a source of regular income.

Under this state of affairs, employing the services of a career coach that would undoubtedly demand you to pay some money would definitely seem like a mindless move initially. But, is it really?

We sent this rather sensible inquiry of yours to Curt Skene, Founder, Career Network Club who has been really effective in helping professionals find roles they love in a quite short time frame.

We queried him point-blank if he believes enlisting the services of a career coach ought to be considered an expense or financial investment.

Curt’s explanation is worth thinking about. As the person who founded Microsoft Skills 2000, you can trust this man to change your overall standpoint, and rightly so!

” Right here’s the major thing that job hunters need to grasp; it is way more costly to not be working!”.

” If you were raking in or might be bringing in, let’s say $70,000 and you cease raking in that amount, that’s a notable loss! So if we can assist you to get back to work 5 or 10% faster, I bet we will certainly more than cover up the coaching costs.

” Permit me to explain what I mean …

” Folks have a tendency to overlook the costs of not working “, Curt explained.

The reasoning is pretty uncomplicated. The more time you spend without having stable employment, the more revenue you lose. A competent career trainer will ensure you are not without an income for long.

Curt elaborated that in order to demonstrate this a lot more plainly, CNC has developed a very useful Return on Investment (ROI) calculator.

It asks a number of simple questions to generate a dollar value for you. If the value is positive, it means that employing a career instructor will make you money.

Let’s observe it via an illustration.

Say you were earning $50K a year. If you split your salary of $50K by 252 (number of working days in a year), this implies you are losing approximately $198 day after day!

Since we know the industry average for getting a new job is usually one month for every $10K in salary you earn your probable lost revenue could be $20K!

Now, let’s say that with help from a career instructor, their skills, connection, and use of their techniques and knowledge, you could get hired 10% faster.

This means you are working 15 days sooner (15days x $198) saving yourself about $2970.

Now what I found very interesting is that the Career Network Club offers a once-a-week membership fee of $85 and they only ask you to pay for a max of 15 weeks.

The appeal is that if you get contracted in 3 weeks, then that’s all you pay for and if it takes more than 15 weeks, you cease paying after 15 weeks and carry on to get all the services free of charge.

Let’s do the math.

You saved $2970 by hiring a career coach.

CNC membership fee for 15 weeks: $1,275 (This could be potentially much cheaper if you get a position of employment anywhere between 1 to 15 weeks). In point of fact, Curt suggested their average patron gets hired in 8 to 12 weeks.

So, the bottom line is a really good coach should save you at least $2,970 in unearned revenue.

If you question this just take note, a good coach will help you enhance your resume, your LinkedIn resume, your interview skills, your messaging, and motivation, and be there to address just about any questions you have.

All of these factors will efficiently enhance your likelihood of getting employed quickly and easily!

Curt said the best thing regarding the ROI calculator is that it will give you crystal clear irrefutable facts to evidently support your decision.

“We are certain that we can help you without creating a dent in your wallets “, Curt assured us.

He advanced by mentioning, that it’s a core obligation of a career coach to assure you success.

“The most ideal thing for me is when people come toiling and they leave successful and I have had the enjoyment to see this a great number of times”, said Curt when questioned what’s the greatest motivation behind your job.

He strongly believes that with what they have fashioned with the Job Offer Guarantee the Career Network Club can certainly transform your work life all around in no time and for the majority of us that’s all the affirmation we need these days.

The Career Network Club (CNC) is a North American Career Coaching Community that offers pay-as-you-go coaching services for mid to senior-level business professionals. CNC is owned by Curt Skene, a former award-winning training manager for Microsoft, and worldwide founder of Microsoft Skills 2000. The Career Network Club is proud to be the home of the ‘Job Offer Guarantee’ so that business professionals like yourself can Get Hired, Quick and Easy!

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