CNC Hardship Program


You are not alone if you find yourself in a financial pinch and no income coming in.  Many others are just like you..  At CNC we are proud to open our doors to everyone who needs our help.  We will welcome you, help you, and no one else needs to be the wiser.  We believe that you have the same right to be working just like everyone else!

The CNC Financial Hardship Program is quite simply a deferred payment program.  To participate the first step is to be approved by the Career Network Club to participate.  What we will be looking for is three things 1) that there is a genuine need for our help and 2) that there is a genuine commitment on your part to succeed and 3) there is a genuine intention to reimburse us.  If you can convince of those three things then you are in.  Rest assured there is no credit check, financial disclosure, interest charged or anything else to make you feel incomfortable.

How the program works