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Today a resume is never enough. Employers want and need a richer three-dimensional view that shows how strategically you think, how you perform and how well you can lead others. In every interview and information session you need to be able to clearly articulate how you combine experience, knowledge, and soft skills to solve complex business problems. A few excellent communication tools are blogging, mind mapping and presentations. Make sure that whatever you choose to present it communicates a clear message in a style that you can call your own. You always want the employer to know that this was your original thought process and not something you “cut and paste” from the Internet. Make sure your insights are smart, relevant and timely. While this may seem like a daunting challenge rest assured that like most executives you truly do know your business; so treat this like a regular client or business meeting. I suggest using the phrase “When I stepped back and thought about your business this is what I came up with…” This communicates your ability to take a longer term, bird’s eye view of a situation. One powerful idea is to stand up and use a whiteboard, if available. As soon as you do watch the energy shift to you and how you now own the room. This takes tremendous confidence but it demonstrates instantly your great leadership potential.

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Many websites, groups and associations need expert insight (e.g. articles and speeches) so take this opportunity to showcase your brilliance!

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Because of the pandemic ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts offer a great way to reach out and share knowledge with your target community.  Invite guest speakers, host round tables, and find ways to be front and centre.

I am a big fan of Mindjet Mindmanager Software for creating strategy maps to take into interviews.  It is important to introduce them at the start of the meeting (essentially as you are walking in.  Try something like, I hope you don’t mind but i put some thought in to “insert problem here” and then hand them the strategy map.  Don’t worry they will take it from there!

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