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We all know people make mistakes and no doubt you have been the victim of some along your career. However, what can make the biggest mistake worse is your inability to let it go. Whether you did something you now regret or someone did it to you, there is no value in holding on to the negative energy that is haunting you. You may be angry because of your termination or the manner in which you were treated in the past but the best action is to forgive, forget and move on. No one knows why others do things but too much emphasis on this will simply drain you of what you need the most—enthusiasm to move yourself forward. Perhaps the most important person you need to forgive is yourself. What happened has passed, you need to learn and grow from the lesson. Take a moment to look back at what happened and find forgiveness, then let it be. When you look deeply you begin to understand and find compassion, when this happens you can find forgiveness. Consider how forgiveness will lead you down the path of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you condone the action or agree; it simply instills confidence within you and removes that feeling of weakness, guilt and pain that can hold you back. From this moment forward always take the high road as it demonstrates class and frees you to be brilliant in what you do. 

Curt’s Keeper:
Having the courage to extend an olive branch can mend old wounds and restore a vital reference that is dearly needed!

In2Win! Afterthoughts

5 Handpicked Quotes of Forgiveness Worth Sharing

Steps to Forviness

1 – Reflect on the situation.

2 – Put yourself in the employers shoes.

3 – Choose to learn from the experience.

4 – Let it go!

5 – Decide where you want to go from here.

Books Worth Reading

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