In 2 Win Table of Contents

Hi, this is Curt.  I am thrilled you are reading my book, In2Win! When I started writing the book I envisioned creating something that could constantly change and adapt as the world around us does.    So, imagine a book driven by social media.  Where the real story is derived from the input of thousands of readers.  Imagine a book that never grows old because the content is created in real time.  Well, that my friend is the concept behind In2Win!  A smart book that just keeps getting smarter thanks to people like you!  Whether you scan the QR Code on each page or come to this index page we will work hard to keep you up to date! 

Create Your Winning Difference!

“Because in the end that is all that really matters”

Own Your Future!

“Because it’s the only one you will ever have”

Know Yourself Well!

“Because few will tell you what you really need to know”

Do the Basic Brilliantly!

“Because they comprise 80% of your results”

Act Your Wage!

“Because only you can show you are worth it”

Show Your Worth!

“Because employers need to view you as a smart investment”

Keep Your Motor Running!

“Because slowing down now would just be wrong”

Famous Last Words

“Because no one care more about your future than you”

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