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In today’s world of high activity and rapid change no one, including you, should ever assume a current job will last forever. As you may now realize the best time to prepare for transition is while you are still gainfully employed. As of today commit to being proactive and setting yourself up for future success. Document all of the lessons you have learned during this time and make sure you continue to apply them in your life. As the world evolves so must you. Invest in continuing education and make timely decisions as to where you need to reposition your skill set and experience. Spend time each week strengthening your professional network as well as finding new ways to enhance and communicate your professional brand. Your network, reputation and skills are the lifeline elements you must never ever ignore. Never forget the path you’ve taken and remember to thank all who helped you along your journey. Prepare to welcome those who now need you because you know better than most what being in transition feels like and how much you could have used a friend. From this day forward document every success you achieve and be prepared to market it in the future. If you don’t have many, take a good hard look as to why not and commit to creating your brilliance. Finally, never forget you are In 2 Win! Life sure gets better when you learn to live spectacularly.

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Remember it wasn’t raiing when Noah built the Ark! (Howard Ruff)

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