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Vice President

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I was originally skeptical about hiring a coach, pep talk fluff, or concrete return on my precious investment of time & money? If you share those concerns you can follow my lead; I attended one of Curt’s seminars for the price of a couple of Starbuck coffees, on the strength of that positive impression I booked a 1 on 1 for about the equivalent of a night for two at the movies, and from there I jettisoned confidently into joining his “15 Week Job Offer Guarantee” program. And if I had any remaining commitment phobias, they would have been eliminated by Curt’s very reasonable “pay as you go” pricing model.

Results at Week 4: I had an original and intriguing tag line that supported my brand, a refined resume that brought focus to the essential “top 1/3” of page 1, stylish business cards with a unique and conversational twist, a glossy, eye-catching one-pager complete with QR code, knowledge and use of a special leave behind a tool that makes for a powerful and differentiating impression at interviews, and lastly, refined phraseology and techniques for handling the full spectrum of challenging interview questions.

Results at Week 6: I was hired at a Tier 1 company.

So endorsing Curt? That’s easy. My only regret is that I didn’t know Curt and capitalize on all that he offers about 12 months earlier in my search. In my opinion, those on the lookout for a new position can save themselves considerable time, energy and money by checking him out. Any job-seeking professional not prepared, at a minimum, to attend one of his seminars is doing themself a great disservice.


Senior Project Manager

As with all effective coaches, Curt helped me identify my strengths, recognize areas for growth, and most importantly, kept me focused on the goal. Getting hired. During the incredibly difficult year that was 2020, Curt was a coach, a cheerleader, and when needed a good dose of reality. Tools like the 360 review and the visual one-page Executive Summary provided substantive artifacts from our work together. Even after completing my coaching (with a job) I know Curt is in my corner.


Director, Strategy, Marketing, and Governance

Curt refreshingly combines humour and insight within his inspirational style of coaching, along with superior knowledge of the key success factors within the executive labour market. By taking the time to really get to know his clients, Curt genuinely cares about helping others succeed. I would highly recommend Curt as a coach to anyone who aspires to a positive, fulfilling career change.


Vice President, Sales

Curt Skene is a must if you are going through any type of career transition, and his service fees are frankly unbeatable. I have worked with an Executive Coach in the past, but Curt far exceeded my expectations with his simplified approach to addressing issues or circumstances, including the tough interview questions. Remember when your mother said, “You should never judge a book by its cover”. Well don’t let Curt’s casual, laid-back style fool you, or you will miss out on a very rewarding learning opportunity. But, you must be prepared to be open and honest with Curt, in order for the sessions to be productive. I have had many interviews in my career, but after the coaching sessions with Curt, my interviews felt like discussions and were less stressful, as I was prepared to answer all the tough questions. I also worked with Curt to assess the job opportunity in terms of fit. This was a very productive session as Curt directed me through a series of questions which helped me come to a decision. In summary, my experience with Curt was very positive and if you only had limited dollars to spend on career advice or coaching, Curt is your guy. “Thanks, Curt for your help, you have been a true blessing through my career transition.



Count the thousands of people you have encountered in your career and then count the less than 1% of them who are truly genuine, giving, helpful, and resourceful; Curt is at the top of the list of the 1% people truly worthy of public and professional recognition.


Director, Channels and Partnerships

Curt is great to work with regardless what the project might be. He’s honest and provides balanced and actionable feedback which is crucial whether you’re looking for assistance with a job hunt or running your business. He provides insights and recommendations which force you to think of things in different ways and he is realistic in his engagements with respect to both time and cost. Add on the fact that Curt’s a pretty funny guy and the overall experience was really positive!


Chief Operations Office

Curt is a fantastic coach. He brings a wealth of expertise and a level of empathy to his client engagements. He is honest and straightforward, providing feedback and guidance to set you on the path to success.


Senior Marketing Leader

Working with Curt has been an amazing experience. A friend of mine recommended him when she heard that I was looking for my next career challenge. She highly recommended him to me, and I am extremely glad that I got to work with him. Curt is an amazing coach. He listens to you, he works with you and rides along with you in the emotional roller coaster of finding a new job. He becomes your biggest fan and sees in you the potential that sometimes we just can’t see in ourselves. His experience, professionalism, insight, coaching and guidance have not only helped me secure my new job in record time but have helped me in all other facets of my life. I cannot recommend his program highly enough to anyone looking for a new job/a change in career or after been layoff.


Senior Technology Sales

Curt is always there – whether offering strategic insights, available day and night with strong advice and direction, new methodologies to old solutions but most importantly bringing together diverse groups to brainstorm and share ideas.

Highly recommend Curt for business and life coaching.