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Account Executive

It seemed like the moment I joined the Career Network Club opportunities started coming my way. In fact, after many many months of seeking a job on my own it was a matter of weeks before I was negotiating with two companies and I landed my dream job.


Senior Investor Relations

For more than six months I tirelessly searched for work in my profession without any success. It wasn’t until a new networking contact suggested I reach out to Curt, who runs the Career Network Club. Well. I did and six weeks later I had two job offers in hand! Curt helped me with my interviews, my personal brand, and accountability. He definitively knows about recruiting and exactly how the employer thinks and what they need. In my opinion, Curt has all the experience to give you the best advice on your career decisions. Through CNC, his coaching company, I received tools to help me better connect with employers and recruiters. Overall, it has been a great experience in each one of the meetings I had with him and with the networking groups he ran. What really impressed me is that he helped me on both a professional and personal level. He said, and I totally agree that job loss, and job search impacts you on many levels. If you are looking for a coach who knows the business, but more importantly totally understands you, then Curt is a good person to speak to. I received way more than I expected and I suspect you will to!


Director, Operations

Curt’s brilliance is in sharing tough love questions that must be answered by any professional in transition.



I was introduced to Curt by another senior manager. He said, Curt will cut through the crap and help your message stand out. Shortly after starting with Curt I was informed I did not make the cut in a CEO job I really wanted. Curt gave me a unique idea on how to get back in to the process. I tried it and the bottom-line is, I went from the candidate in forth place to the one in first and two weeks later I started as the new CEO! Curt knows what he is doing!



When in transition the best decision you can make is to hire Curt Skene. He speaks from the heart and tells you little knowns truths about what you need to shorten your career transition. Let Curt guide you, push you and challenge you. You will be thrilled you did!


Vice President

As a senior executive I like to be pushed differently and I can count of Curt to do that. Curt’s tell it like it needs to be told approach gets you thinking. Curt’s Keepers are so impactful they should be required reading for all executives!


President, Health Services

Curt is a catalyst for people in transition. he will make you face your demons, and deal with them. He guides you to be true to yourself while also providing a solid sounding board to bounce ideas off.


Technical Specialist

The Career Network Club allowed me to connect with other like-minded job seekers, which helped refine my “elevator speech”, improve my resume, define strategies for job application and keep a healthy mindset during that job hunting period. It was a much more tangible experience than Linkedin and with Curt Skene’s assistance, I was able to land the job I wanted.



I have known and worked with Curt since 2007. He is unparalleled in his capabilities to assist professionals in advancing, changing or finding new career opportunities. Curt provides amazing strategies to help clients win the interview process and get the job! I have found his Strategy Map to be invaluable in getting a new job as well as getting new business. I highly recommend Curt and his team at The Career Network Club as your career coaching partner!


Client Rexperience Mgr.

Working with Curt Skene as a career coach is so much more than just talking about your career objectives and finding the right job. Instead, Curt gets to know you as a person. He does a kind of reverse-engineering process where through getting to know you – he uncovers any personal roadblocks or hidden qualities that you never existed (or ignored).

From that experience, Curt then allows you to open your horizons about pursuing other opportunities may not have considered. He coaches you on how to prepare for the interviews so that you stand out and make the right impression.

His coaching doesn’t have to end once the job is secured. In a lot of cases, Curt’s clients continue with coaching but now on a level that allows them to be their best in their new role.

If you are a business executive looking for honest and professional coaching I highly encourage you to have that first conversation.