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The first three minutes is where lasting impressions are made. These are the moments where your future is defined. I am even going to make the bold statement that I believe 50 percent of your success in a meeting or interview will be determined during this time. Sadly, while most agree with this statement, few practice or give these first few minutes any thought. In the first minute you’re judged on whether you look professional, trustworthy and capable. During the second minute you’re judged on whether you sound intelligent and speak in an easy-to-listen-to manner. The third minute focuses on how you make the other person feel and whether you appear genuine. In three minutes your future is judged, decided and acted on… so make them count! Always consider how you dress, what you say and how you demonstrate that you care about the opportunity. Eye contact, body language and tonality are critical as is the quality of the questions you ask. Create a powerful “tell-me-about-yourself” script and be prepared to deliver it often and with passion. One little secret I have is, wherever possible ask for a tour of their facilities as this allows others to brag about their business and for you to show genuine interest in what they have to say. Finally, while the first three minutes are no doubt the toughest, rest assured if you successfully push your way through them the conversation will become more natural and comfortable.

Curt’s Keeper:
Your first three minutes define your success, so never leave them to chance!

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