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Job Offer Guarantee

Find your next job - GUARANTEED!

Imagine having a career search team dedicated to helping you find your next job with a guaranttee. That’s what we do!

At Career Network Club (CNC), you’ll be armed with a dedicated career search team, a ton of resources and Curt Skene, Founder and Executive Career Coach – all offered to you virtually to work in the comfort of your home. We offer affordable memberships, paid weekly (and a one-time set-up fee) Our guarantee is, if you’re still in transition by the 16th week, we keep coaching you for free. Most mid to senior executives land a job within 1 to 2 months.

YOUR COMMITMENT: Be open-minded and ready for coaching recommendations and tips. Be committed and give it your ‘all’ every week.

OUR CNC COMMITMENT: We will learn more about you; what’s working – and not working in your search. Zero in on the positions you’re applying for to ensure your resume is aligned. Master your interviews through confidence, story-telling and effective follow-through to be memorable. Negotiate the salary you deserve by demonstrating your value.

OUR JOB OFFER GUARANTEE: You pay the week-to week membership fees (and actively participate in the weekly coaching sessions) and we guarantee that if you have not secured a full-time job by the 16th week, your monthly payments stop and we continue coaching you for FREE until you land a job. No one else offers this type of job offer guarantee.

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