One Page Resume


A CNC Value Added Benefit

The one-page resume is the perfect way to highlight your skills and experience in a short, concise and professional way.  However, the one-page resume does not replace your full resume, it simply enhances what you have to offer in the form of a perfect marketing tool.  It is the essential networking document that can open doors and start great career conversations.  Check out the samples below to decide which one is perfect for you.  

The CNC One-Page resume is free for all Career Network Club members.

We’ll Do it How It Needs to be Done

When working with you, our dedicated team is there to help.  With career coaches, graphic designers, writers and a whole bunch more are here to help you fully communicate who you are and why employers should care.  You are never alone with the Career Network Club.  

When It Comes To Your Job Search We’ve Got You Covered

Check out all we offer our members

Admin Services

Our admin team is there to offer you whatever services you need. Just tell us what you want to do.

Explainer Video

Imagine the eye-popping power of creating a one-minute custom explainer video communitating your unique skillset and fit. .


As a CNC Member you will have access to a team of graphic artists to create blog headers, LInkedIn ads or whatever else you need.


Don't worry if you are more of an old-school type of person as all of our graphic artists are comfortable working online or with print. Our goal is to offer what you need,

Web Design

Do you want to create a mini website to promote brand you, or maybe you want a landing page to capture your leads. Whatever you need we can do it for you!

A reasonable, and an affordable extra charge may apply.