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Senior Project Leader

Curt is amazing to say the least, he is funny, kind, empathetic but also tells it like it is to help kick your butt into gear. Curt can easily put himself in your shoes and you will be amazed at how much of a knack he has at understanding your profession with only having general knowledge. Curt really helped me hone my job searching and interviewing skills. I used to hate interviews and would be dead nervous during them, now I find them a breeze, all because of Curt. I can’t thank Curt enough for being in my life, and I obviously highly recommend him.


Chief Procurement Officer

I worked with Curt for a lengthy period of time, and during that time, I found him to be easy-going and honest about showing me who I really was and what I had to offer employers.

The analogy I use is he holds a mirror in front of you and walks around 360 degrees to show you the real you – strengths and areas to strengthen.

I learned how to answer the real tough interview questions that executives face and to sell myself without being overbearing.

Despite the enormous challenges I faced trying to rebuild my career and get back into the workforce while re-building my personal life, I credit Curt with giving me tools that I used then and continue to use now, remain professional, and be successful and develop additional business maturity.

Career building is hard, but if you want a coach that is tough, but fun and invested in you, give Curt a chance. You won’t regret it.