Sharen S.

Working with Curt Skene as a career coach is so much more than just talking about your career objectives and finding the right job. Instead, Curt gets to know you as a person. He does a kind of reverse-engineering process where through getting to know you – he uncovers any personal roadblocks or hidden qualities that you never existed (or ignored).

From that experience, Curt then allows you to open your horizons about pursuing other opportunities may not have considered. He coaches you on how to prepare for the interviews so that you stand out and make the right impression.

His coaching doesn’t have to end once the job is secured. In a lot of cases, Curt’s clients continue with coaching but now on a level that allows them to be their best in their new role.

If you are a business executive looking for honest and professional coaching I highly encourage you to have that first conversation.

Monika B.
Voice Over Actress

I was blessed to work with Curt Skene a few years back and have valued every second of his coaching since. He helped me with clarity, self-reflection, accountability, and taking action in both business and personal. His sense of humor is remarkable and refreshing, which he balances with a “shoot from the hip, tell it like it is” no BS approach to get you where you need to be in the fastest amount of time possible. His wisdom shines through his expertise, logic, and immense experience. I highly recommend CNC to anyone who is looking for coaching to get a good job placement, OR simply looking to get back on track to being a happier, healthier, and more successful you! 😀 Curt’s one of the most integral people I have come across. He values each coaching client and brings something unique to each individual experience. Don’t hesitate, just go for it! There really is nothing to lose, except maybe your unemployed status!! 😉

Joe C.
Senior Porject Manager

Working with Curt helped me to identify additional opportunities to package and showcase my knowledge and my worth. 1) Develop my catchphrase – the one thing I want to leave in their minds – put it on my business card. 2) Is there a quick, low-effort “lite” introductory service I can provide, that will showcase the value I can provide? Build the tool, market me and the service. This helped me to create what I feel was a marketing differentiator in a crowded market of project managers and project management consultants.

These are two very positive tactics that Curt brought to my attention. And they help to increase your confidence while you’re waiting to land on your next assignment.

Chris L
Sports Admin

Curt and Career Network Club provided great support for myself coming out of school and entering the business world. I was able to learn valuable and practical information that has helped me get to where I am today!
I am very thankful for the information I was able to gain from the club and look forward to continuing to apply its practices in my day-to-day business operations.

Lynn C

I met Curt Skene at a workshop he hosted for a group of us in 2008/2009 when we were out of work. He had the most practical advice, connecting me and my aspirations to a career I would be happy and fulfilled in. To get there, he asked questions and dug into the answers to create clarity. I found work by owning who I am, where I was in my career, and what I wanted. I went back to Curt for career coaching, where I built a successful methodology that I’ve followed since. Curt is generous, honest, direct, and empathetic, and that’s why I keep in touch with him.

Allison J
Senior Accountant

Curt Skene was referred to me by a close friend who has relied on Curt’s guidance for many years. What impressed me most about Curt was his ability to assess my overall career needs within a short time frame and he quickly established a plan to address my challenges and ultimately achieve my career goals. His insight and advice has been invaluable and I would recommend Career Network Club to anyone looking to enhance their career.

Ken M
Plant Manager

I had read and studied all the current on-line help on job search. I felt I had a good resume, and had developed my unique personal branding, but something was preventing me from landing. I knew I needed help. I needed someone who could help me pull everything together, and assist me in presenting myself so that others could clearly see the value I could bring to an organization.

Curt very quickly helped me polish my search strategies and branding. I very much credit Curt and the group dynamics of his “In2Win!” program” that helped me re-build my confidence level and outbound communication skills.

If you are currently in transition, realize you need help and then I would highly recommend you book some time to visit Curt for coaching.

Joan B
Career Counsellor

Curt Skene is incredibly talented and knowledgeable in the employment field and in inspiring and motivating people. Curt is always great at helping one to solve problems and in helping you to achieve your goals. An innovative thinker and someone who comes up with unique ideas, strategies and suggestions. Always has your best interests at heart.

Ian O
Business Management Advisor

Curt played a prominent role in my getting hired for my “dream job”. Thanks to Curt’s tutelage, I was able to present myself to potential employers far more efficiently and effectively than I had ever done so before. More than once, I was was complimented on my interviewing abilities by people who interview candidates for a living. I received tips and strategies from Curt that I haven’t seen anywhere else (and I explored a LOT of job hunting resources during my search). He has a straightforwards, no B.S. approach that is presented in an engaging, enjoyable manner. Working with Curt is one of the best investments a job hunter can make. Highly recommended.

Denis M
Senior Sales

I needed someone to take me from 3rd to 5th gear in my career search and approach, someone that was able to see my value and help me bring it to the surface for all to see. With some creative thinking and simple common sense…success! Curt is a ‘no bull’ kind of guy. My biggest surprise from our short time together…he really does care! Curt will work with you with the utmost serious intent, and keep you on the edge and alert with his humour.