Tick Tock – Your Get a Job Clock Is Ticking!

Losing your job is a big deal; we can all agree on that. Most of the time it is sudden and unpredicted and you are likely not prepared for it at all. With no pay-cheque, aside from severance, coming your way; what’s the one thing that is still in your control?


That’s right! You have all the time to make a difference in your life, only if you acknowledge its worth. And I am talking about a positive career difference.

Time is something that no one can steal from you unless you allow it yourself. How you value your time when you are unemployed will have a huge say in where you settle next and how quickly.

People often lose their job and start treating their time as a holiday; going on vacation, fixing up their house, and catching up on sleep. While it is okay to enjoy a bit of your newfound freedom, for most people their bank account may tell them to do differently.

In my fifteen years of coaching, I have only met a dozen or so who could ride the wave of unemployment for a long time. Most of us need to be back on our working feet fast!

One huge mistake many of us commit is failing to recognize that there is a real cost to not being employed. When you realize the significance of time you will not be without a job for long. So, do what it takes to get hired quickly.

Stop treating your joblessness as a long weekend, because weekends do not exist for people who are not working. Many employers say that they notice the candidates who respond on the weekend; it shows their commitment. To them, it can make a huge difference.

The entire process of job search, sending resumes, hearing back, interviews, etc. can be tedious and time-consuming.  For many, a job search can take much longer than expected. If you approach the job search process without commitment it may even take the better part of a year or more.  Ask yourself, can you really afford to be without a job for that long?

I’d say, start planning wisely. Invest time in yourself and your career ahead. While your peers may be filling their bank accounts, yours is slowly draining dry. Don’t settle for this.

Start today!

Keep the bigger picture in mind and declutter your schedule to make room for more important activities. Spend the early hours of the day and late into the evening doing your admin work and leave your 9-5 office hours meetings (both virtual and face to face).

At Career Network Club, we can help you out, but again, we need your time.

If you are willing to dedicate up to 14 weeks to our coaching and skill-building services, we assure you that we will value your time and help you find your dream job. Our expert career search support team will begin working the moment you sign up.

If we fail to help you land a job by the end of the 14 weeks, you can simply stop paying us. This will not stop us from helping you; we promise to continue providing you with our professional and effective services until you have a job at hand.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to join us, the importance of your time can not be highlighted enough. How you invest your time today is the only thing that will bring about the success you desire for yourself tomorrow.

So start valuing your time today, and start from now!

Here are a few tips to help you out

  • Only give your resume tweaking so much time. In the end, the process is really about you.
  • Try out the Pomodoro Time Manager to structure your time.
  • Recognize that the best time you can spend is in networking and being in front of potential employers.

The Career Network Club (CNC) is a North American Career Coaching Community that offers pay-as-you-go coaching services for mid to senior-level business professionals. CNC is owned by Curt Skene, a former award-winning training manager for Microsoft, and worldwide founder of Microsoft Skills 2000. The Career Network Club is proud to be the home of the ‘Job Offer Guarantee’ so that business professionals like yourself can Get Hired, Quick and Easy!

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