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Welcome to the FREE MEMBER AREA.  On this page you will find a number of resources, referrals and tools for you to use.  Please remember that his is just a sample of what our paid program offers.  If you have any questions please let us know.

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As a free member, you are entitled to either an ATS resume review or a LinkedIn review.  If you would like us to review yours please email mailto:

All CNC webinars and ZOOM Meetings are held in our private ZOOM Room.  If you need a password it is cncpass

LINK: CNC Zoom Room 

Every individual has a unique way of interacting with the world around them.  This is called their SOCIAL STYLE. When you understand your social style you can quickly learn more about your strengths and weaknesses.  SOCIAL STYLES don’t need to define you it simply states that if left to your natural way of behaving this is what you are likely to do.  While it is essential to understand your social style for your own development, imagine the competitive advantage you would have if you could predict what others may do.  That is the beauty of SOCIAL STYLES. If you click the link below you can complete a short SOCIAL STYLES assessment.

LINK: Social Styles Assessment

Included with your assessment results is a wonderful book on SOCIAL STYLES. It is definitely worth reading.


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I found this when I googled LinkedIn Cheatsheet.  It seemed very thorough, and worth sharing with you.

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Books we suggest you download and review

At Career Network Club we offer a learning library for all paid members to access.  As a paid member you are able to review the books and download the ones you want to read.  Here are a few books that are currently very popular in the Learning Library.

Fearless Interviewing
A proactive new strategy for removing anxiety, and regaining control, throughout the job interview process “Marky Stein’s book is wonderful. She gives us a thorough analysis of the whole interviewing process. Fearless Interviewing is clear, kind, and full of good advice

Pomodoro Technique
The Pomodoro Technique was developed in the late 1980s by then university student Francesco Cirillo. … When your session ends, mark off one pomodoro and record what you completed. Then enjoy a five-minute break. After four pomodoros, take a longer, more restorative 15-30 minute break.