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CNC was created to provide unemployed North American Business Professionals with an effective career search community that is committed to helping you get hired quick and easy. Our pay as you go subscription model ensures you only pay for the help you need and want. Our career search tools are second to none in the industry, Whatever you need we are here to support you!

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Career Network Club Features


Get Hired Quick And Easy!

We help you define who you are and why your next employer will care!

Qualified Coaching

As the Founder of Microsoft Skills 2000 Curt shares the career secrets that helped tens of thousands get hired!

Leading Edge Tools

Working with CNC you will have access to career search tools others simply dream of. They will make a massive difference!

Best of Both Worlds

With CNC you get the power of individual attention while still having the benefit of group interaction.

Unmatched Flexibility

CNC programs are PAY AS YOU GO programs topped with an industry-first JOB OFFER GUARANTEE.

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I landed my dream job in just few weeks
It seemed like the moment I joined the Career Network Club opportunities started coming my way. In fact,...
Stacey F.
Account Executive
Through CNC, I received tools to help me better connect with employers and recruiters.
For more than six months I tirelessly searched for work in my profession without any success. It wasn’t until...
Maria D.
Senior Investor Relations
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The gems of his advice apply to any professional serious about their career!
Curt’s brilliance is in sharing tough love questions that must be answered by any professional in transition.
Dave S.
Director, Operations
Domenic P
Curt’s unique coaching style, which has helped countless professionals, including myself, manage through the emotional roller coaster of career transition.
Curt’s unique coaching style, which has helped countless professionals, including myself, manage through the emotional roller coaster of career...
Domenic P.
Charlene N
He speaks from the heart and tells you little knowns truths about what you need to shorten your career transition.
When in transition the best decision you can make is to hire Curt Skene. He speaks from the heart...
Charlene N.
Doug F
Curt’s Keepers are so impactful they should be required reading for all executives!
As a senior executive I like to be pushed differently and I can count of Curt to do that....
Doug F.
Senior, Vice President
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Curt is a catalyst for people in transition.
Curt is a catalyst for people in transition. he will make you face your demons, and deal with them....
Chris N.
President, Health Services
The Career Network Club is highly recommended!
The Career Network Club allowed me to connect with other like-minded job seekers, which helped refine my “elevator speech”,...
Rodrigo R.
Technical Specialist
The Career Network Club is unparalleled in their capabilities to assist senior professionals in their career search!
I have known and worked with Curt since 2007. He is unparalleled in his capabilities to assist professionals in...
Ralf K.
Curt expanded my horizon
Working with Curt Skene as a career coach is so much more than just talking about your career objectives...
Sharen S.
Client Rexperience Mgr.
Curt’s one of the most integral people I have come across.
I was blessed to work with Curt Skene a few years back and have valued every second of his...
Monika B.
Voice Over Actress
Curt helped me create what I feel was a marketing differentiator in selling me!
Working with Curt helped me to identify additional opportunities to package and showcase my knowledge and my worth. 1)...
Joe C.
Senior Porject Manager
I learned valuable information that helped me get where I am today!
Curt and Career Network Club provided great support for myself coming out of school and entering the business world....
Chris L.
Sports Admin
Curt had the most practical advice connecting me to my aspirations and my career!
I met Curt Skene at a workshop he hosted for a group of us in 2008/2009 when we were...
Lynn C.
Director, Human Resources
What impressed me most was Curt’s quick ability to assess my needs and establish a plan
Curt Skene was referred to me by a close friend who has relied on Curt’s guidance for many years....
Allison J.
I very much credit Curt and his group dynamics for my success!
I had read and studied all the current on-line help on job search. I felt I had a good...
Ken M.
Plant Manager
Curt always has your best interests at heart!
Curt Skene is incredibly talented and knowledgeable in the employment field and in inspiring and motivating people. Curt is...
Joan B.
Career Counsellor
Curt played a prominent role in my getting hired for my “dream job”
Curt played a prominent role in my getting hired for my “dream job”. Thanks to Curt’s tutelage, I was...
Ian O.
Business Management Advisor
I needed someone to take me from third to fifth gear in my career search!
I needed someone to take me from 3rd to 5th gear in my career search and approach, someone that...
Denis M.
Senior Sales
Curt really wants everyone to be working again!
With Curt’s good humour and down-to-earth style, it didn’t take long for me to get my “mo-jo” back and...
Heather S.
Customer Care Manager
Endorsing Curt, that’s easy!
Want to Get Hired? Contact Curt. I was originally skeptical about hiring a coach, pep talk fluff, or concrete...
Robert D.
Vice President
Curt is always in my corner!
As with all effective coaches, Curt helped me identify my strengths, recognize areas for growth, and most importantly, kept...
Frazer H.
Senior Project Manager
Curt refreshingly combines humour and superior insight!
Curt refreshingly combines humour and insight within his inspirational style of coaching, along with superior knowledge of the key...
Karinna N.
Director, Strategy, Marketing, and Governance
Curt was a true blessing in my transition!
Curt Skene is a must if you are going through any type of career transition, and his service fees...
Teresa L.
Vice President, Sales
Curt’s advice propelled me to higher levels!
Curt is an exceptional personal coach who challenges your thinking and drives you to succeed by standing out from...
Shane S.
Vice President

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