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STACEY F. Account Executive

It seemed like the moment I joined the Career Network Club opportunities started coming my way. In fact, after many many months of seeking a job on my own it was a matter of weeks before I was negotiating with two companies and I landed my dream job.

MARIA D. Senior Investor Relations

I tirelessly searched for work in my profession without any success. It wasn’t until a new networking contact suggested I reach out to Career Network Club. Well, I did and six weeks later I had two job offers in hand! Curt helped me with my interviews...


The moment I joined the Career Network Club opportunities started coming my way. In fact, after many many months of seeking a job on my own it was a matter of weeks before I was negotiating with two companies and I landed my dream job.

CHRIS N. President, Health Services

Curt is a catalyst for people in transition. he will make you face your demons, and deal with them. He guides you to be true to yourself while also providing a solid sounding board to bounce ideas off.

RODRIGO R. Technical Specialist

The Career Network Club allowed me to connect with other like-minded job seekers, which helped refine my “elevator speech”, improve my resume, define strategies for job application and keep a healthy mindset during that job hunting period....

SHAREN S. Client Rexperience Mgr.

Working with Curt Skene as a career coach is so much more than just talking about your career objectives and finding the right job. Instead, Curt gets to know you as a person. He does a kind of reverse-engineering process where through getting to know you...

Career Network Club Features

Your catalyst for employment

We will guide you to getting your dream job, one where every interaction is smart, seamless, and every process is fully automated and digitized.

Not only do these blocks serve as our model for consulting, but they’ve created a culture that values team unity and collaboration. We enjoy working together, alongside you, to create solutions to get you back on your working feet.

With clear Winning Aspirations defined, you have to know who are the right-fit Organisation you would like to work in, what problems the organisation is solving and what the organisation needs to do to deliver the best result possible.


Get Hired Quick And Easy!

We help you define who you are and why your next employer will care!

Qualified Career Coaching

As the Worldwide Founder of Microsoft Skills 2000 Curt Skene shares the career secrets that helped tens of thousands get hired quick and easy!

Leading Edge Career Tools

Working with The Career Network Club you will have access to career search tools that will make a massive difference in helping you get hired quick and easy!

Best Of Both Worlds

With the Career Network Club you get the power of individual attention while still having the benefit of group interaction.

Unmatched Flexibility

Career Network Club programs are PAY AS YOU GO so you only pay for what you need. We also offer first JOB OFFER GUARANTEE.

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