Make 2022 Your Brilliant Time To Shine!


Does that ring a bell?

Probably something you said to yourself at the start of 2021, right?

Well, who didn’t?

But did we all get to make 2021 our year?

I don’t think so.

Most of us are sailing on the same turbulent boat.

We told ourselves on New Year’s eve that “THIS IS GOING TO BE MY YEAR”, yes! just like that, loud and clear! but somewhere along the way; caught up in the chaos of work-life balance, and struggling to keep our job in the uncertainty of this Pandemic, the voice became a whisper until it was completely lost. The passion lost its spark.
But the good news is; that every new year brings a chance to reignite the passion, to let the bygones be bygones and work towards a better life, a better career and a better you.
Making 2022 your year is absolutely possible but you can not expect it to happen on its own. It requires effort and focus. A new year with a new goal requires a new perspective!
To mark this year in your name, you have to do things differently than before.

For most of us, 2021 has been a stormy year career-wise. Many lost their job and struggled to find a new one in this high tide of unemployment. Change of jobs or complete shift of career line can be scary but it doesn’t have to be.

While the circumstances can be tough, you are tougher! Challenge yourself to accept and excel at new opportunities. Don’t underplay yourself. Explore your full potential by pushing yourself to take bigger risks and approach new opportunities and experiences with an open mind and heart. If you are like most, you are your biggest obstacle in unlocking your true potential but if you really believe in yourself and pump up your inner drive, you can do wonders.

Remember, there are opportunities out there and people are getting hired.

You just need to think differently this time, broaden your approach and have a flexible attitude.

One common mistake job seekers have been making in the past is to expect to find a job alone. You are not going to find a job just by wishing one your way. Resist the temptation to act alone; sit behind your screen, constantly refreshing job posts; build influential connections.

Instead of looking for jobs, look for people. Hang out with different types of people who will have unique ideas and experiences that you can learn from.
One of the most effective ways to land a job quickly is through networking. New connections can open unexpected doors for you and there is a high chance you will come across an opportunity that will change your professional life for good.

Let’s learn another lesson from 2021 to make our 2022 a hit.

Seek help when you need it. It can make all the difference for you.

Whether it’s professional help, help from an old colleague or some interested relative; know that a little help from others can introduce you to the options that you were not thinking about. Everyone’s train of thought is different and we can really benefit from each other’s. Having a support team can declutter things for you and speed up your job-finding process.

Don’t forget, there is always a place for you as long as you are here, with the help of others, you can find it quickly.

This brings me to another equally significant thing that can make 2022 your best year so far; never stop learning!
It is only through a continuous learning process that you can stay one step ahead of your peers.
It is even more imperative in today’s uncertain time. Even though your salary did stop for a while, your learning shouldn’t. You never know how those lowly acquired skills can help. In fact, if you want to really WOW an employer be prepared to share the education commitment you made while in transition. Continuously learning and polishing your skills will make you more comfortable and confident in taking up new chances.
One last thing that can truly make 2022 your year is to adopt a habit of being grateful.

If there is one thing that can guarantee you happiness and fulfillment, it’s gratefulness. When you are grateful for the simple pleasures of life; a roof over your head, warm food on your table, a job that provides for your family, coming across new people, new opportunities, etc, it will drain negative thoughts and doubts out of you. It will be the most powerful source of inspiration for you to excel in your work and life.

Bottom line is, don’t fret much about losing your job and finding a new one. Welcome change, and allow yourself to grow and learn. With the right attitude, a new perspective and a little gratitude, countless opportunities will knock on your door. As I have shared with hundreds, people in transition often land in a much better place!

The Career Network Club (CNC) is a North American Career Coaching Community that offers pay-as-you-go coaching services for mid to senior-level business professionals. CNC is owned by Curt Skene, a former award-winning training manager for Microsoft, and worldwide founder of Microsoft Skills 2000. The Career Network Club is proud to be the home of the ‘Job Offer Guarantee’ so that business professionals like yourself can Get Hired, Quick and Easy!

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